Different individuals, one team

Herman Vandenbranden

Systemic Coach & Change agent

Together we are at our best. As a complementary team, we are looking for the perfect balance between strong, sustainable business results and the strength and commitment of the people behind. We do that two times each being different, from our specific background and experience. Always pragmatic, mild and empathic. As coaches, supervisors, sound boards, direction indicators and sensemakers we will gradually become your Companions the Route.

“We believe that sustainable change is based on two pillars, which reinforce each other and make it indispensable.”

Result driven

We guide organizations on the way to strong, sustainable change. With an eye for impact, performance, figures, milestones, goals and business results.

Society and human being focussed

By coaching and training of stakeholders and fellow change agents being involved. Invoking all talents, human strengths and sensemaking. Taking into account pitfalls, wholeness, vulnerability and collective ambition.

With vision

Whoever seeks sustainable change in an organization, therefore, has a need for strong partners. Ownership, well-being & vigour are indispensable elements for a long-term transition. There is no goal whatsoever that justifies using whatever means.

For this reason, facilitating connection and dialogue are our most important additions during interventions or trajectories. People are unique. We as a coach, but also your employees and their leaders. We use these differences as a source of variation and energy.

The end goal will only be valuable when we reach it together, falling and getting back up again. As change agents we want to professionally challenge and guide your organization, on its path of development.

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